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Welcome to Kingdom Fire Ministries (KFM)

KFM is founded on the belief that Jesus Christ will enjoy the fruit of his passion (suffering), and that the manifold wisdom of God will be revealed to the world through the Church (Eph. 3:10).


Spirit. Sometimes a malaise or dullness has settled over an individual or a community, but the renewal causes said individual or community to come alive, whether either in a single meeting or over a period of weeks or months. Invigorated spiritual vitality (often called “outpouring” or “awakening”) results among the faithful, Backslidden believers return to faith in Christ (sometimes termed “the return of the prodigals”), and new conversions begin proliferating (including among longstanding church members). Renewal awakens people’s awareness of God’s existence and love, which brings new life to the church as this stage principally impacts groups of people inside of churches. As renewal gains momentum and spreads, it spills out of the Church and starts to become revival.


As people experience renewal, divine order begins to come over their lives, creating consistency and the living personification of living a “Kingdom of God lifestyle.” The result is that people begin sharing the good news of the kingdom of God wherever they go. Whether or not they preach the gospel, they “gossip the gospel” wherever they go. As the message and the stories of God’s work catch wind, people begin hearing more and more God stories, creating a chain reaction of people talking about and hearing about God. As people are introduced to the power of God, they are drawn and perhaps even compelled to explore this “God” they are hearing about and encountering. This triggers a chain reaction in which more and more people are impacted and come to faith in Jesus Christ. The result is church growth as outsiders come into the church and the move of God goes viral in a given geography.


their own lives. In the process, like leaven working through a lump of dough, the fabric and texture of society begin to change. This is true organic transformation, not something enforced upon a church or a community or a civilization from above. Acts 19 provides a picture of how this happened in Ephesus under Paul’s ministry, where people willingly changed their religious practices and eliminated old practices. During this stage, new organizations and institutions arise both to propagate the teaching of the kingdom of God as well as to sustain the work already underway. Laws may be changed to reflect a God-centric viewpoint. New institutions such as hospitals or universities or denominations (new wineskins) may be founded. Reformation is the means by which the new teaching and experience about God is handed on to the next generation. This is a necessary step to secure the harvest, as the Church is always only one generation away from eclipse. New societal values giving rise to new laws and to new institutions…together these give rise to a new worldview. Reformation is more than an experience; it engages the heart, the soul, and the mind. It is literally changing the deep structure of a people’s thought, of a society’s priorities, and of a civilization’s worldview. Reformation introduces and sustains the abundance of God’s presence in a society by providing access to supernatural living.